Expert: Community Development and Leadership(Nation Building)

Current Position : Director, Institute of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad Thoughts (IPDM), Universiti Utara Malaysia.

Special Award
– 2007 Distinguishe stars compounds community (Medal) ( Bintang Kebaktian Masyarakat (BKM) )

– 2015 Assistant Commissioner (Honorary) Department on Volunteersm Malaysia

– 2016 Venus International Foundation Selected for Distinguished Faculty (Nationhood) Of Faculty Awards (VIFA)


-1995, B.HSc (Hons), IIUM

-1996, Master of Theology, University of Nottingham

-2008 PhD, University of Malaya

-2008, Certificate of Dreamweaver Professional, (ACE)

-2008, Certificate of Flash Professional, (ACE)

-2012, Certificate of Sustainability Sciences, UNDP

-2015, Certificate of Achievement And Commendation World Nuclear University

-2015, Certificate of Massive Open Online Course on Climate and Pacific Island UNESCO

International Attachment
-2009-2011, Honorary Fellow Asia Institute, University of Melbourne, Australia

-2011-2015, Research Associate Monash University, Australia

-2017/2018 Visiting Professor: Universitas Sultan Agong Semarang Indonesia (UNISSULA)

-2017 Visiting Professor: Universitas Sebelas Maret Solo Indonesia (UNS)


Water And Religion: Islamism’s and Malaysia Perception


As the ultimate source of life, water is held in high regard by most societies. It is considered a blessing, a gift and something which must be protected for the benefit of all of mankind. Over the last one decade, the water crisis has taught Malaysian to appreciate the importance of water in our lives. It has also taught us to constantly be reminded of the significant need to preserve and maintain the source of water; rivers in particular. When the crisis hit Malaysia, each rainfall was so valuable, that rainwater was accumulated, stored and greatly appreciated and used sparingly. However, when everything returned back to normal, we came back to our old habit and water again, became an asset that everyone took for granted. Many have forgotten the laws of nature that all life forms will eventually die or will be depleted. The same can be illustrated with water supply in our country.

The water crisis will make a comeback. Many will regret when this crisis recurs but in a nutshell, can the current water management provide a sustainable solution? Is the water crisis a mere natural disaster? This paper will attempt to take a closer look at the positive values of water management, giving a special focus on Islamic values as a possible alternative solution towards existing and future water-related problems. Islam is known as a religion that encompasses totality, and it has its ways in generating solutions to problems concerning water. In Islam, water management has been put forth since the days of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) 1430 years ago. This paper will also prove that Islamic laws are most appropriate in water management and can also be applied today, as the ultimate solution of this era.